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The Department was founded in 2007 with the aim of conducting teaching and research in the area of Systems and Control Engineering which encompasses the trans-disciplinary application of systems theory, signal processing, system modelling, automatic control and machine intelligence.

Systems and Control addresses the challenge of designing and developing complex systems or processes that are able to operate automatically and as autonomously as possible, as well as the development of computational techniques for the extraction of useful information from different types of signals. These include applications such as automatic controllers for industrial equipment and robotic systems; automated interpretation of digitised images and video; control of air, space, land and marine vehicles; biomedical devices for prosthetic control by physiological signals; brain-computer interfacing, and much more..

The Department offers several study units at undergraduate level, a taught course leading to an M.Sc. in Signals Systems and Control and offers supervision at undergraduate, postgraduate and post-doctoral levels. 

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